Rotogravure presses

Innovating rotogravure printing

Uteco boasts a long experience in rotogravure printing.

The experience gained over the years has led us into developing and implementing efficient and cutting-edge solutions capable of satisfying the needs of the most diverse customers.

To date, our roto range is made of three rotogravure printing presses lines, all equipped with the most modern technologies coming from Uteco’s internal research. Next 450, Next 350 and NXS 300 express at their best our innovation process: a very high print quality and the possibility of customizing features according to specific customers’ demands.

Our rotogravure presses guarantee limited operational costs, thanks to their faster job changeover times. In addition to this, they are even increasingly adopting green technologies for energy saving and eco-sustainable printing of all diverse packaging, particularly food packaging.

Our best solution is yours