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High pressure washing unit for anilox

The solvent washing system effectively removes any residual ink on the anilox and cylinders, leaving them clean and ready for reuse or storage. The robust ecological machine is designed to preserve the anilox from external agents. 

The washing cycle includes two phases: the first with heated detergent and the second with high pressure heated water jet

The combined washing cycle ensures meticulous cleaning of the individual cells from any residual ink, avoiding any possible deposit and increasing the anilox life

  • Anilox
The best result from our washing cycles

The high pressure washing unit for anilox allows a long life cycle of medium to large components and short machine downtime due to job change. The short washing times give a saving of water resources guaranteed by automatic processes they have and that always compliance the safety standards in force.



  • Action of heating and filtering of the detergent for flawless result 

  • Further in-depth filtering operation to eliminate residual foam 

  • Compressed air-drying function 



  • Closed circuit filtering action to increase water savings and reduce pollution 

  • Exclusively pneumatic functioning 

  • Combinable with a solvent reclaimer to minimize solvent consumption 



  • Multiple washing phases allow thorough cleaning, avoiding the deposit and the drying of ink in the cells 

  • Washing phases can be monitored and adjusted from the automatic control panel 

Technical Specifications
Overall dimensions 2600 x 660 x 1350 mm
Max Anilox lenght From 1400 to 1800 mm sleeves (from 1800 to 2200 mm with pins included)
Max anilox diameter 300 mm
Detergent recycler 40 l
Water recycler 60 l
Max detergent temperature 80В° C
Max water temperature 60В° C
Air compression pressure 6/8 bar
Max cleaning water pressure 140 bar
Absorption - Power Supply 7KW – 380V
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