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Laser washing unit for anilox

The laser cleaning removes deeply all the ink, paint, primer and glue residues from the anilox cylinders and sleeves thanks laser technology. 

The system works exclusively on the engraved part of the cylinder, without damaging the side bands and edges. 

The cleaning process takes place quickly, quietly and without any need for operator intervention, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and safety. 

  • laser 2000
laser 2000
Deep and professional cleaning

Our laser washing unit for anilox is a customized and fully automated eco-friendly cleaning process that provides homogeneous results across the entire roller table. It has a regenerating claening process and follows current safety regulations. 



  • High performance aspirator for laser systems with activated carbon filter
  • Anilox data monitoring and optimization of the cleaning planning
  • Auto focus laser beam for equal intensity and energy in cleaning operation
  • Suitable for Industry 4.0



  • No need of detergents, chemical solvents or bicarbonate



  • Flexible pulsed fiber laser source for auto-customized performance and cleaning program 
  • No need of specific maintenance (only suction filter replacement is required)
Technical Specifications
Model 1000-3000
Max. anilox length From 1000 to 3000 mm
Min. anilox length From 150 to 500 mm
Max. anilox diameter From 250 to 500 mm
Min. anilox diameter From 80 to 100 mm
Pin max. length From 100 to 500 mm
Max. anilox weight From 50 to 1000 kg
Min. anilox weight From 3 to 50 kg
Laser Power From 20 to 70 Watt
Laser Power From 40 to 120 Watt
Extractor Included
Field of use Narrow-Web - Mid-Web, Wide-Web, Cardboard, Coating, Tissue
Model Smart
Laser Power 70 Watt
Laser Power 120 Watt
Extractor Integrated
Field of use Mid-Web, Wide-Web, Cardboard, Coating, Tissue
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