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Ultrasonic washing unit for anilox

The machine cleans the anilox sleeves with ultrasounds and biodegradable detergent. It is equipped with an automatic rotating cylinder system, heating function, a recirculation pump and a cartridge filter. 

A programmable system manages the washing phases, and shows to the operator all the collected data and recomends periodic maintenance. 

The presence of piezoelectric transducers provides uniform propagation of ultrasonic waves into the washing liquid for perfect cleaning. 

  • Ultrasonico
Top performance 

Optimal cleaning efficiency: one washing cycle guarantees complete cleaning.  

It is critical for efficient ink transfer, coverage, density and color’s conformity, but most importantly, for the resulting print quality.  

Our ultrasonic anilox washing unit ensures maximum process stability, shorter cleaning cycles, and lower consumption of chemicals and energy. It is compliant with safety regulations in force.



  • Ultrasonic transductors for efficient anilox cell cleaning 

  • Stainless steel tank with circulating pump, filter and discharged valve 

  • Touchscreen microprocessor for monitoring the working cycle 

  • Heating elements controlled by a thermostat equipped with safety switch 

  • Detergent sensensor for automatic stop in case of insufficient supply 



  • Standby mode can be directly enabled on the instrument or by external remote control to maximize energy savings 



  • Completely customizable working program 

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH) From 2700 x 750 x 1150 mm to 3200 x 950 x 1150 mm
Max. printing width From 1500 to 1600 mm
Max. diameter From 210 to 320 mm
Power From 3,6 to 4 kW
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