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Privacy policy

Information document - art. 13 EU Reg. 2016 / 679- GDPR
Information on the processing of personal data collected

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In implementation of EU Regulation 2016/679 and applicable regulations, we provide you with the following information pertaining to the processing and protection of your personal data.



Data Holder


Uteco Converting SpA,

located in Viale del Lavoro, 25 ZI

37030 Colognola ai Colli (VR) – Italy

Phone: +39 045 617 4555




Data collected for the functioning of the Portal


The data pre-set by the Owner is already present in the Owner's CRM as they are actual customers. In particular, data related to the company name, identification data of the manager of the production plant or sector, the Job Title, the corresponding contact data that for security reasons must correspond with a company domain, the possible company telephone number for remote support will be used for activation. The manager may later invite other members belonging to the company to access the portal, using only the company contact data.



To whom we may disclose data


The collected data will not be disclosed or circulated.

Communication to third parties is provided only to third party companies for technical and IT assistance, companies operating in the IT sector, companies belonging to the Group for specific assistance purposes.

It is specifited that for specific assistance needs, the ticket opened voluntarily by the interested party may be managed, following further data, by specialized external technical suppliers, with which the Owner has stipulated specific agreements. The data within Uteco is processed by authorized and instructed personnel only. It should be noted that assistance may be handled, depending on the type or the time of the request, by personnel not operating in the country of the data subject.



User’s rights


You are entitled to request the access, rectification, restrict processing, and cancellation of your personal data to the controller.

The complete privacy policy and your personal data are always available by writing to the contacts mentioned above by the Owner.



Right to claim


You have the right to make a claim to a data protection authority if you consider that the processing of your data may be violating the GDPR EU Regulation 2016/679.

Any information is available at




In any case, the interested party remains free, at any time, to revoke consent by sending an informal notice to that effect to Uteco Converting SpA, at

For user registration within the customer portal or for remote support via call center in order to request technical assistance, administrative inquiries, purchasing advice, or other information pertaining to the company's machinery or activities. Contractual relations Art. 6 Par.1 (b) 10 years since the last rendered service
The possible recording of the conversation for the protection and safety of the data owner and their operators in case of remote support via call center. Consent following initial message Art. 6 Par.1 (a) 10 years since the last rendered service
If necessary, the conversation may be recorded for training purposes. Consent following initial message Art. 6 Par.1 (a) 10 years since the last rendered service
Legal defense for possible disputes Legitimate interest Art. 6 Par.1 (f) 6 months since the last rendered service
To marketing activities

i.e. the elaboration and processing of data by Uteco Converting SpA for marketing purposes referred to under point b) of these guidelines, via the foreseen processing methods, i.e. paper-based, via automated and telematic means, by ordinary or electronic mail, telephone and any other computerised means.

To profiling activities

i.e. the elaboration and processing of data by Uteco Converting SpA for the purposes of profiling referred to in point c) of these guidelines, relating - by way of example and not exhaustive - to consumption and other habits, behaviour, consultation and use of the website.