The commitment to our people

People are our most important asset. We invest in their present to ensure them professional success and safety: while we are building their future, we are also building ours.

The best side of our company

It is the team of women and men who every day work with us contributing to our growth. Uteco is a symbol of the Made in Italy and carries on the large Italian companies’ tradition.  

Our people are the protagonists of our present and the creators of our future.  

This is why we are committed to ensuring that they can express their potential at their best, implementing the necessary policies to create a stimulating, fair and safe working environment.  

Personnel development

At Uteco we believe that training is the nourishment for individual growth. In 2019 we provided 5,903 hours of professional training to our people, for expanding their skills in line with business’ evolutions. In addition to training, the development paths also include the support by experienced operators in case of changing job position or when we introduce new printing machines. 

Inclusion and diversity

We promote the selection, hiring, training, remuneration and management of employees without any discrimination, ensuring that everyone can receive fair and equal treatment, regardless of gender, age, nationality, religion, ethnicity. 

Health and safety

Taking care of our people is a central issue. For this reason, we make investments aimed at assessing and resolving health and safety risks, thus implementing a fundamental principle: making work tailored to people. Always following a “bottom-up” approach that puts people at the center, through the adoption of active participation tools.