ConverDrome® is our Center of Technology and Development: where we conduct standardized as well as advanced demonstrations on the latest printing and converting innovations, Uteco Academy activities, research and development of new technologies and applications.

In our ConverDrome®, innovation is always brewing

At Uteco, we consider the ConverDrome® as the cutting edge of our research activities. Here dedicated teams work with the ultimate goal of meeting the demands of customers and brand owners who need new production tools to successfully compete on global markets.

This is why our Research and Development department design novel functions which are implemented on the machines and also develop new technologies addressed both to internal processes and to the production and testing of innovative applications.

We test the new machines to fine-tune their functioning. Before the delivery to the customers, we examine the machine’s operation in all its parts.

We have programs for operators training and on printing processes.

uteco converdrome

“Turn-key” demonstrations of printing and performances

Inside the ConverDrome® we test the machines’ functioning carrying out production, tests and live printing demonstrations on our machines.

We develop real-time solutions for customers to finetune the machine and its operation, optimizing the entire processing before the final delivery.

We turn ideas into concrete solutions

You can see our complete approach to solutions in the products we make, allowing you to see how we innovate according to our customers’ requirements.

people standing in front of the onyx XS eco one printing machine

ConverDrome®, where innovation comes to life