Research and development

In the ConverDrome® highly qualified professionals develop and fine-tune processes, making tests, demos and real-time optimizations. The objective is to meet the needs of customers, brand owners and partners.

We study to be truly partners in growth

At Uteco, the continuous research and development activity is aimed at providing customers with cutting-edge technological solutions that create the conditions for their success and affirmation.

Thanks to the significant investments in research and development, we have consolidated our position as a global leader in manufacturing machines for flexible packaging and in developing advanced converting technologies.

In ConverDrome®, highly specialized professionals and researchers study technologies that make our machines efficient, with high levels of operability and performance, developing functionalities for new applications. Our solutions are eco friendly and safe for environment, people, employees and operators, since they are energy saving and with reduced air emissions.

We collaborate with universities and research centers

We involve different sectors of research in collaborations that we consider fundamental to keep up to date on technological innovations. The exchange of experience and knowledge ensures the use of the most advanced technologies available to the entire scientific community and attract young researchers interested in the world of flexographic printing.

Examples of research projects carried out within these collaborations:

  • analysis of the dynamic behavior and functional integrity of electronic components subjected to controlled vibrations, and identification of grounding techniques for shielded communication systems with high immunity to electromagnetic disturbances;
  • innovative techniques for tension control in the alimentation section of a rotogravure machine;
  • flexographically printed RFID antennas for smart packaging (in collaboration with WCPC, Swansea University).

We research to innovate our technologies

Among the research areas of our interest, which concern the development of highly technological products and processes, we include the integration of artificial intelligence software in business processes, whose aim is to increase the efficiency and quality of the service offered to the customer.

Uteco patented technology for the direct drive of servo-motors to the printing cylinders

In ConverDrome®, innovation is always fermenting

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