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Plate washer

Our plate washer allows for reduced set-up times and subsequent considerable savings in water resources. In addition, the decreased set-up time allows for reduced downtime due to job changes

  • Lava-cliché
All cleaning steps in complete autonomy 

The machine precisely cleans plates of different thickness and sizes, offering the possibility of simultaneous washing cycles

The device ensures solvent reduction and water use compared to manual operations. 

The machine carries out all the cleaning phases in complete autonomy. The plate is introduced through conveyor rollers and cleaned by alternating and oscillating brushes. The rinsing and the drying phases close the cycle removing any ink residue and drying the plate to ensure rapid use



  • Gentle washing and cleaning of the plate by oscillating soft brushes
  • Heating and filtering system for extra cleaning action
  • All parameters are adjustable through digital control panel
  • Inlet table and outlet receiving basket
  • Cleaning liquids are re-circulated and drained back to the tank for re-use
  • Removal of residues of all types of ink



  • Closed circuit filtering unit of rinsing water for less pollution and water saving
Technical Specifications
Useful width From 450 mm to 1200 mm
Min. lenght 145 mm
Dimensions (WxL) From 1100 x 810 mm to 1850 x 950 mm
Inlet table (L) From 500 to 700 mm
Out. basket (L) 380 mm
Electrical data From 220 V 3,5 kW 16 A to 380 V 6,2 kW 16,5 A
Net weight From 310 to 480 Kg ~ 230 to 350 Kg
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