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Uteco's new customer portal has arrived!


We are excited to announce that Uteco has launched the new Customer Portal!



More service offering options from both administrative and commercial support

- An enhanced communication for technical support requests

- A dedicated repository with all the documentation related to your machines

- An organized system of user profiles enabling efficient and effective resource management across multiple facilities and different roles.



Through this link you can easily access to the new Customer Portal and register all technicians’ profiles as needed. Please make sure you enroll only e-mail addresses associated to your company’s domain for better recognition and security purposes.

If you didn’t register your admin account on the new Customer Portal already, please fill this form with your details and, if needed, all your collaborators’ data. If you have any doubts you can contact Uteco at to ask for more information.



From the 2nd of April, all the tickets can be opened only on the new Customer Portal

The current ticketing it can only be used for consultation of already open tickets.

Everything concerning our Customer Service will be transferred to the new Customer Portal.

new customer portal