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Webinar Horizon 4.0 triplex

The new Horizon 4.0 Triplex was presented with the fourth Uteco webinar, was broadcast on March 4th from the Uteco 2 plant.


The presentation of the machine and its innovative coating and laminating features were illustrated by Mario Mucciacciaro, Executive Vice President Uteco USA, with the help of the technicians Simone Rossignoli and Matteo Moscardo, who showed us the operation of the most performing and versatile Uteco machine, suitable for coating and laminating up to three layers of material.

Horizon 4.0 Triplex meets the demands of technical flexibility concerning the new packaging films technologies:

  • multilayer laminates, up to triplex, with different process technologies:

           -   solvent-based and water-based wet and dry lamination

           -   solventless lamination

  • in register coating of solvent-based and water-based varnishes and lacquers
  • coating of cold seal and pressure sensitive adhesives
Horizon 4.0 Triplex has exceptional features:

High Performances and Versatility:

  • fast job changeovers thanks to highly automated trolleys and quick sleeve change (less than 1 minute)
  • multi-purpose automatic trolleys for all types of coating applications
  • exceptional and powerful drying system: two ventilation units equipped with semi flotation dryer (3-zones)

Sustainability, Safety and Ease of Use:

  • two full enclosures to guarantee full safety of operator from solvents fume
  • innovative ventilation system, easy to access and clean: minimized noise and increased efficiency thanks to the energy recovery system
  • automatic sleeve change, safe and easy for the operator (without tools)
  • trolley for coating unit changeovers equipped with automatic pistons to minimize operators’ effort
  • fully integrated HMI with complete data trend recording

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