The Uteco Stack Type flexo is precise, flexible, reliable

The Uteco Stack Type printing machine designed for in-line or reel-to-reel applications, with a solid and reliable structure suitable for large printing widths and runs.


  • Flexographic printing
  • Short, medium, long runs
  • Paper, cardboard
  • Food & liquid packaging, labels and adhesive labels

Printing on different materials for food packaging and labels

Quarz is the flexo printing machine mainly intended for printing on paper, cardboard, tubulars and plastic films for food packaging, as well as for industrial and personal care product packaging and labels. The solid structure allows to manage even large printing repeats and print widths.

The machine is characterized by the sleeve change both on the anilox sleeve cylinder and on the printing sleeve cylinder. Upon request it is possible to install servomotors to position the inking rollers.

In the gearless solution all the counterpressure cylinders are driven by servomotors, connected together by the Uteco electric axis.


Technical features of Quarz

Model: 608

Mechanical speed (m/min)


Min. print repeat (mm)

300 / 440

Max. print repeat (mm)


Print widths (mm)

600 / 1600

Material widths (mm)

650 / 1650


water based, solvent based, UV/EB



Tension range (daN)

2 + 50

Reel diameter (mm)

800 - 1000 - 1300

Dimensions (m)

13 x 5 x 4,3


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