Maintenance, upgrades and spare parts

We help our customers to boost their machine’s profitability, as well as ensuring the highest quality in production.

Guaranteeing your machine’s value over time

We have developed a customer service system based on three essential assets: immediate malfunction analysis, planned and personalized preventive maintenance and competent and widespread assistance.

Our preventive maintenance service consists of inspections made by two technicians, a mechanical and an electronic one. Each visit involves examining the critical points of the machine during production and checking the worn-out parts. During the inspection, our technicians make on site all possible adjustments and, at the end, draw up a report, proposing to the customer the possible supply of spare parts.

We also include an upgrade service as part of our after-care package. This guarantees you the right upgrades to ensure your processes and performance are keeping up with what the market demands.

Our goal is to be a reference point for all our customers in not only choosing the most suitable printing machine, but also knowing it will be well managed.

The complete range of our maintenance services

Get assistance quickly through our User Portal

We have designed a ticketing system that allows our registered customers to communicate directly with our operators, in order to receive priority and specific assistance from the relevant department.


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