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Health and Personal Hygiene

Personal care is very important: that's why, thanks to the innovative technologies featured in our machines, it is possible to print on sanitary products for infants, pouches, IV bags, sanitary napkins, cosmetics, and packaging for sterilized materials.

Salute e igiene personale

Our flexo and digital presses can print both on the plastic film of the wrapper and on the diapers themselves, ensuring excellent printing performance and keeping the properties of the material intact.


To customize pouches in the personal care industry, excellent color rendering and printing accuracy are very important. Thanks to our machines, it is possible to work with all kinds of materials and formats to create your pouches.

Sterile bags

Even in the healthcare sector, the solutions accessible thanks to Uteco machines are many: we can print even on sterile bags for medical use, thanks to machine ranges that can guarantee high technological innovation levels.

Cosmetic packaging

The cosmetics market is gaining momentum and shows no signs of abating. With such high competitive levels, it is now even more important to ensure the highest quality packaging that can reflect the value of the product inside. Thanks to our machine ranges, it is possible to ensure qualitative competitive printing.

Box and blister pack of syringes and medicines

Packaging in the pharmaceutical sector must comply with very strict regulations to ensure the health of the end users, and the integrity of the medicine itself, at the same time. Rely on our printing presses.

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Personal hygiene packaging

In 2010, in Italy, the sector of personal care products recorded a turnover of 9 billion euros. The turnover of Italian companies settled at around 8.4 billion euros with a + 3.1% year after year.
These more than satisfactory results, despite the stagnation of sales in the large-scale distribution channel, are due to a significant recovery in exports (+ 8%), a substantial stability in pharmacy spending (+2.9), an unexpected growth in the herbalist channel ( + 5.0%), and a small increase in perfumery sales (+ 0.5%). As for professional purchases, use of  and sales at beauty centers marked a + 2% in volume, while the uses by hairdressing salons remained substantially stable.